Warewashing Program

At HAFSCO, we offer a warewashing program similar to that of the Gas and Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Program (P.M.). The warewashing program enables you to get 24/7/365 repairs on all of your commercial dishwashers at no extra charge. This contract is only available to those customers who purchase the soap for the dishwashing machines directly from HAFSCO, and like the P.M. programs, all you pay for is the parts!  No hourly charges, no overtime charges or repair fees! 

HAFSCO carries a wide variety of soap chemicals for your dishwasher depending on the type of machine you use and the quality, or hardness, of the water in your kitchen. We carry detergent, rinse and sanitize chemicals for Lo-Temp dishwashers, as these machines require a 3 chemical configuration. For Hi-Temp dishwashers, we offer detergent and rinse chemicals, as your hot water rinse cycle on your Hi-Temp dishwasher acts as the rinse agent.  The chemicals for the Hi-Temp machines come in liquid, powdered and solid forms. Earth Friendly ‘Green’ detergent and rinse agents are also available for all Hi-Temp machines!

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